How do I display the downloaded indicator in MetaTrader4?

MetaTrader4 has abundant indicators.
This Website also posts many indicators. The following describes how to display these indicators in MetaTrader4.


To store the downloaded indicators in the "indicators" folder, select [My Computer] --> [Program Files] --> [MetaTrader 4] --> [experts] --> [indicators].

When MetaTrader4 is started, the indicators are complied and captured into the "indicators" folder.
View the contents of the "indicators" folder as a trial and you will find a xxxx.ex4 file besides a xxxx.mq4 file.
The file created as a result of converting the xxxx.mq4 file is the xxxx.ex4 file.

To display the captured indicators, select [Navigator] from the [View] menu.


Alternatively, click the button showing a folder and star located at the top of the window. Then the Navigator window will open at left.


Click + of [Custom Indicators] and you will see the previously captured indicator.


The indicators will be displayed in Custom Indicators.


Then drag the indicators to the chart.
The indicators will be displayed.


Incidentally, MetaTrader4 includes basic indicators in advance.
If you click + of [Ruled Line Analysis Tool] in the Navigator window, indicators such as MACD and moving average line will appear.