How do I hide unused buttons?

MetaTrader4 provide buttons that enable you to use necessary functions with a single click.
The buttons used usually are almost determined.
Let's hide the buttons used infrequently for neatness.


First, buttons are classified into four blocks.
Arrange the buttons per block.


Right-click any button of block (1) and you will see the following window: .
From this window, select "Customize".


When the "Customizing toolbar" window appears, select unnecessary buttons from "Selected:" and click the [<-Remove] button.


Let's select "Market Watch" and click the [<-Remove] button.


"Market Watch" has moved to "Available:".


Likewise, select unnecessary buttons and click the [<-Remove] button.
Delete the [New Order] button because it can be displayed by "F9".
When the button has been deleted, click the [Close] button.


Now the buttons of block (1) have been arranged.


In the same way, block (2) (3) (4) is also put in order.




Unnecessary buttons moved to "Hide:", so much space has been reserved. Let's line up necessary buttons.
You can move the respective blocks by dragging their heads.


Now the buttons have been lined up.