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This page is a list of indicator files displayed in MetaTrader4 (MT4).
When the image is clicked, it is large displayed.
The indicator can be downloaded by clicking the name of the indicator under the image.


Indicators with [Blog] displayed on their right are introduced in "MetaTrader4 Dictionary - FX with MT4" Blog.


If you cannot download the indicator successfully, select [Right-Click] =>[Save Target in File] on the indicator name to save the indicator.

Bar 1

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!_MTF Forex freedom Bar v2.mq4 image

!_MTF Forex freedom Bar v2.mq4

!_MTF Forex freedom Bar.mq4 image

!_MTF Forex freedom Bar.mq4

!_MTF MACD X.mq4 image

!_MTF MACD X.mq4

!_MTF PCCI Bars.mq4 image

!_MTF PCCI Bars.mq4

!_MTF Supertrend Bar.mq4 image

!_MTF Supertrend Bar.mq4

!_MTF Triggerlines Bars.mq4 image

!_MTF Triggerlines Bars.mq4

!_MTF_SuperTrendBar.mq4 image


-MTF Forex freedom Bar.mq4 image

-MTF Forex freedom Bar.mq4

-MTF Forex freedom Bar1.mq4 image

-MTF Forex freedom Bar1.mq4

-MTF_SuperTrendBar.mq4 image


4MAs Trend.mq4 image

4MAs Trend.mq4

Flat Trend RSI.mq4 image

Flat Trend RSI.mq4

Flat Trend.mq4 image

Flat Trend.mq4

FlatTrend SMC modified.mq4 image

FlatTrend SMC modified.mq4

FlatTrend V2.mq4 image

FlatTrend V2.mq4

FlatTrend V21.mq4 image

FlatTrend V21.mq4

FlatTrend V3.mq4 image

FlatTrend V3.mq4

FlatTrend V31.mq4 image

FlatTrend V31.mq4

FlatTrend w MACD.mq4 image

FlatTrend w MACD.mq4

FlatTrend.mq4 image


FlatTrend1.mq4 image


FlatTrend_SMC_modified.mq4 image


FlatTrend_w_MACD.mq4 image


ForexTrend Histo.mq4 image

ForexTrend Histo.mq4

ForexTrend Multi.mq4 image

ForexTrend Multi.mq4

ForexTrend_v2.mq4 image


Heart Beat.mq4 image

Heart Beat.mq4

HeartBeat.mq4 image


i-GentorLSMA&EMA_v1[1].0.mq4 image


i-GentorLSMA&EMA_v[1].0.2.mq4 image


i-GentorLSMA&EMA_v[1].1.0.mq4 image


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